If a health product doesn’t reach its destination or target tissues, how can it help?

With the skin being a natural barrier, the crucial issue for topicals is absorption. There are a multitude of menthol creams that provide effective temporary pain relief. However with limited dermal absorption, can menthol creams do more than assist with temporary relief?

Esterified oils are natural cellular lubricants and have shown outstanding results in double-blind, peer reviewed university conducted clinical trials. University of Minnesota researchers using radio tagging found that, when applied topically, an average of  95.1% of the esterified oils were absorbed, dispersed and found in target tissues distant from the application site.

Anyone who is in pain will attest to the value of relief, albeit temporary, and for this reason we include menthol in our Active Again Pain Cream. However, it is the esterified oils that truly set us apart. Menthol provides the cooling surface pain relief, while esterified oils penetrates deeply to reach sore muscles and joints. As a combination, menthol and esterified oils simply do more.

Active Again – When you want to do more than just temporarily mask the pain!